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Family Tech FAQ


1 - Q: How do I connect the Chromebook to my WiFi?
Wifi icon
A: Click on the settings bar at the bottom right corner of the screen (where the time and WiFi icon appear). Click on the Wifi icon in setting and select your network and enter the password when prompted.
2 - Q: What if I do not have WiFi at home?
A: Alternatives to online learning will be available. Ask your teacher. Some families may choose to pursue online learning even though there isn’t WiFi at home. They will be periodically taking their digital device to another home or public location where WiFi is accessible. Work and materials will be “synced” then. If you’d like more information, please contact your teacher and they will get more details from administrators and the Technology Department. 


1 - Q: What are the system requirements for my students curriculum?
A: Please see the list of curriculum apps below with links to their individual System Requirements page.
2 - Q: What curriculum applications will the district use, and how do we use the apps?
A: Please see the applications listed below.





Amplify Log In

ELA-ELD Core Curriculum

Benchmark Advance

Benchmark Universe Teacher Log-In

ELA-ELD Core Curriculum

Eureka Math

Knowledge on the Go Videos

FAQ for Knowledge on the Go


Parent Tips Sheets

Eureka Math Card Games

Math Core Curriculum - daily instructional videos for Eureka Math grades K-12

FAQ to support transition to distance e-learning

Didax offers free virtual manipulatives aligned to tools in Eureka Math

To help parents address questions children may have about Eureka Math at home (K—8) provides an overview of each topic.

Games help build fluency in math in a fun and engaging way

Mystery Science


Mystery Science 

At Home Learning FAQ

K-5 Spring Science Lessons and Mini Lessons

Tips for Supporting At Home Learning

Platforms / Applications

1 - Q: What electronic tools (Platforms and Applications) will the school district be using?
A: The district will be using the following electronic tools (listed below).



Support Links


Email will be used for all major communications and announcements.  


Online Video conferencing platform that allows for live group meetings or one-on-one conferencing. 

How to Use Zoom Tutorial Video

Zoom Task Cards

Zoom Meeting Settings

Zoom Directions for Families

Google Classroom*

Learning Management System (LMS) to assign work, students complete work, turn in work, and provide feedback. 

Google Classroom 1


How to Invite Students to Google Classroom

How to Create and Assign Assignments

How to Use GC Discussion Board/Question

How to Use GC Discussion Board/Question

How to Create a Quiz in GC

3 Tips for Organizing Your Google Classroom

How to Share Materials with Students

How to Use Rubrics in GC

Google Classroom for Students Slide Deck

Class Dojo*

Communication app and website to connect teachers, students and families. 

ClassDojo Portfolio Walk Through Video

ClassDojo Parent View Video

How to Record & Share a Video

How Families Can Post 


A single sign-on access to online resources and apps providing a simple interface.

Clever Teacher Pages Video


Recording tool that allows teachers to capture, edit and share videos. Videos autosave to your Google Drive.

Screencastify Slide Deck

Document Camera

A visual presenter also referred to as a digital overhead projector, captures real time images.

Remote Learning & Working w/Doc Camera

Setting Up Screen Sharing w/Zoom

Google Slides, Power Point

Presentation tools that allow for a variety of presentation themes and more. 

How to Make Google Slides for Teaching

How to Make Google Slides Presentation 

Google Slides Updates Jan 2020


Digital whiteboard with real-time collaboration and tutoring through shareable board management. 

Jamboard Tutorial Videos

Google Forms,* Illuminate, etc.

Formative assessment tools, like Google Forms, are used for data collections such as quizzes and surveys.

Illuminate - Download "Locked Browser"


Software helps schools easily manage their devices, better understand their students, and keep them safer online

Parent Reporting App

Google Voice

A Voice number works on smartphones and the web so you can place and receive calls from anywhere.

Setting Up Google Voice

Tech Support Page on Setting Up Voice


1 - Q: What if my student is having trouble logging in to the Chromebook / Google account?
A: Contact the teacher, and they will provide assistance.
LOGIN: What if my student is having trouble logging in to one of the educational programs / websites?
Contact the teacher, and they will provide assistance.
2 - Q: What is the format of the student Google account?
A: District provided Google accounts end with “”. If the student does not already know their Google account info, please contact the teacher. They can provide this information to them.
3 - Q: What is “Clever” and how does my student log into it?
A: The school district uses Clever as a Single Sign-On (“SSO”) and rostering tool to auto create accounts in 3rd party applications (e.g.; Lexia, Renaissance, Amplify, etc.). The students log in using their district provided Google accounts. If they are using a district provided Chromebook or logged into the Chrome browser with their district provided Google account on their personal device, the student can click on the Clever extension icon at the top right corner of the browser.
Clever icon
4 - Q: Can my student access his/her work on a device other than a Chromebook?
A: Yes. Students’ primary accounts are based in the Google for Education system (Google Drive, Google Classroom, etc). Many other learning programs are web-based and universally accessible from Internet-connected devices. Using the Google Chrome browser has advantages when accessing the account, but is not necessary. If using a computer, for the best, easiest experience for the student, it is recommended the student log into the Chrome Browser (profile button at the top right corner of the browser - Image to the right).
Google Chrome - Profile icon


1 - Q: What are the system requirements to use Clever?
A: Click the link below to find details on the minimum system requirements for iPads, Chromebooks, etc.


1 - Q: What if the Chromebook is stolen?
A: If a Chromebook has been lost or stolen the parent / guardian will need to notify the school district immediately. We will then use our system to try and track the device. The parent /guardian should also file a police report. If the device is not able to be recovered, the parent /guardian will be responsible to  pay for the cost of the device.
2 - Q: I previously said I had a device my student could use, but now I think I need a Chromebook. What do I do?
A: Our community is very fortunate that so many of our families have resources that will benefit their students' education. This has allowed school equipment to stretch much farther than it otherwise could have. In some cases parents have realized that they do indeed need to utilize a district Chromebook. These families should contact their teachers with a request for a device.
3 - Q: How is one student’s Chromebook Identified from another’s?
A: Each Chromebook has a serial number. That number is both on a label on the Chromebook, and also found electronically within the system. The school will make a record of which Chromebook is issued to each student. 
DEVICE: Will my student receive the same Chromebook that was issued to him/her earlier in the year?
No. It would not be practical to sort all the Chromebooks to ensure the exact unit will be re-issued to the same student. All Chromebooks previously checked-out to a specific student will be “checked-in” before being reissued. [Note: if a unit is discovered to be broken, the original student will still be liable for those damages.]
4 - Q: What external devices can be connected to Chromebooks?
  • Headphones, ear buds, microphones. (the audio jack on most of the Chromebooks are 3.5mm, four-conductor, TRRS connectors that allow for stereo out and microphone in. Like many smartphones).
  • External monitors or televisions via VGA or HDMI where available.
  • External USB and SD cards cannot be used.

Device Usage

1 - Q: Can parents / other family members use the Chromebook?
A: Parents are encouraged to check their student’s school work and monitor their browsing history. The Chromebooks are not intended for personal use by the student or other family members. The district owned Chromebooks are configured to only allow for students and staff to log in with a district provided Google account.
2 - Q: How much electricity will the Chromebook use?
A: (These calculations are approximate.)
The charger draws about 40 watts of electricity. 
During a whole school year there are 180 days of instruction. 
The Chromebook may need to be charged for an hour per day. 
  • 40 watts = 0.04 kilowatts
  • 0.04 kilowatts x 1 hr per day x 180 school days per year = 7.2 kWh
  • Currently PG&E charges 23.5 cents per kilowatt hour (Residential baseline).
  • 7.2kWh x $0.235 = $1.69 per year.

Broken Devices

1 - Q: What if the Device or Charger was broken when I received it?
A: Many of our Chromebooks have put in good service for a few years and may not be in perfect condition. If cracks, chips, scratches and the like are cosmetic in nature please continue using the Chromebook. If there are exposed wires or electronics, or if the device does not function properly, please notify us immediately (see link to form below). 
2 - Q: What if the Device or Charger becomes broken damaged in our care?
A: Please notify us of the damages (link to form below). If the damages do not prevent the safe and useful function of the device, your student will likely continue using it. If it no longer works properly or has exposed wires and/or electronics, it will be repaired or exchanged. 
3 - Q: How much do repairs cost?
A: This varies per device. Please submit a work order (link to form below). The Tech Dept will assess the damage. 

Device Filters / Restrictions

1 - Q: Will Chromebooks still be filtered when it leaves school?
A: We do our very best to ensure students’ online experience is safe. There are strong filters in place on the Chromebooks. Our filters are set to block inappropriate content as much as is possible. We also encourage parents to monitor their students’ use of all technology. Since no filters are absolutely perfect, the students and their parents/guardians bear sole responsibility for exercising appropriate internet guidelines and for abiding by state and federal laws and regulations.
2 - Q: Can students download apps to the Chromebooks?
A: Mostly, no. There are a limited number of apps that have been ‘whitelisted’ for student use. In the Chrome Web Store, students will find a custom category named “RBUESD - Approved Student Apps. All apps in that list have been approved and are available for the students to install.
Google Chrome Web Store - RBUESD Student Approved Apps
3 - Q: Should there be an expectation of privacy?
A: The district works diligently to protect your student’s online privacy from outside entities, being governed by legislation such as CIPA, COPPA, FERPA, and SOPIPA. The district can, however, monitor activity on the Chromebooks. There should be no expectation of privacy regarding the use of district devices and curriculum resources. 


1 - Q: What are Zoom's privacy policy and other terms of use?
A: Students will not be logging into the Zoom app with accounts, they will only join meetings. Parents should watch their children to make sure they are not creating their own personal accounts, because they could. Zooms privacy policy does state that they do no knowingly collect data of children under 16 years of age, and to inform them if a child has done so, so they can delete the account and data. Zoom says they adhere to COPPA, FERPA, and CCPA, and other laws.
Please refer parents and students to Zoom's Privacy Policy page (you can copy and paste link).


1 - Q: What is GoGuardian Parent?
A: GoGuardian Parent was created to help provide additional educational support to administrators and teachers by allowing parents to see what sites and documents their children are browsing. The app gives parents a bird's eye view of the apps and websites that their kids are on most often. With this perspective, parents can be made aware of what types of browsing behavior schools are seeing from students so they can all work together to encourage more effective internet browsing habits at home and at school.
2 - Q: What's the intention of the app?
A: By providing insight into student browsing habits, our goal is to empower parents to take a more active role in their children's online learning. We aim to create a greater sense of transparency with student browsing to help bring about a greater sense of accountability on both the parent's and the student's part. We also believe that transparency and insight will increase the likelihood of productive student browsing habits on a more consistent basis.
What is included in this app:
  • Top 5 summary of student browsing (apps, extensions, documents, and websites visited)
  • Teacher interventions
  • 30-day view of websites, videos, documents, apps, and extensions
3 - Q: How do I access and install the app?
A: To access the app, please follow the below instructions:
  1. Download the app
    1. iPhone: Visit App Store, search for GoGuardian Parent, and tap the download button.
    2. Android: Visit Google Play Store, search for GoGuardian Parent, and tap the download button.
  2. After the app is successfully downloaded and installed, open it up and enter the email address registered with the school. Note: If you forgot your registered email address, please reach out to your school administrator.
  3. Login/Check Email: Check your email on your phone for a link to log in to the app. Tap the "Verify your email", and it will take you straight to the app. Note: If you don't have access to your email through the device you used to log in, tap on "Login with verification code", and copy and paste the verification code from the email into the app.
4 - Q: What if I have multiple children enrolled in the district?
A: In the GG Parent app, you will see a list of all students linked to the email address you provided when setting up GG Parent app portal access. (Image below)
GoGuardian Parent App - Multiple students
If you have not found the answer to your tech issue in the above FAQ, please access and submit our RBUESD Families Tech Support form by clicking the button below. Our district Tech Department will do our best to respond within 24 business hours, after your request has been submitted.
Note: Before submitting a tech request, please make sure to fully review the above FAQ for a possible resolution to your tech question(s).