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Red Bluff Union Elementary District

Red Bluff Union Elementary District

Printer FAQ

  • Check power (it's the first thing we would do!)
  • Check that there is paper AND that the paper is loaded squarely and neatly
  • Are there any error messages on the display? (If it's a code, Google will know what it means). 
  • If it's a small Dell laser, is the little paper sensor flap on the top of the machine stuck in the UP position? It needs to be down so it doesn't think there is too much paper in the output area. 
  • Power the printer completely off (and unplug from wall, if possible). Power back up. Wait two minutes. Attempt to print again. 
  • Contact your Site Tech. 
It's super easy . . . and now you don't need the Tech Department to do it!
  • Click on the "Start" button on your computer.
  • In the bar that says "search programs and files" type exactly this:  \\cmd-print  (then ENTER)

    Typing cmd-print into the start menu

  • A window should appear that looks like the one below. It will list every network printer in the district. 

    Showing all of the networked printers
  • Find the printer you want. 
    The first three spaces are the site. Next is the room. Then the device. 
    [e.g. BID-CPY-P01 is Bidwell-CopyRoom-Printer1  . . .the big copier]

    BID = Bidwell
    JAC = Jackson Heights
    MET = Metteer
    VIS = Vista
    DIS = District Office

    R04 = Room number four
    OFF = Office
    OFC = Office
    CPY = Copy Room (this is for the big printer)
    LAB = old computer lab
    LIB = Library
    CSL = Counseling center
    KDG = Kindergarten

    P01 = Printer 1
    P01c = Printer 1 color
    P01clr = Printer 1 color

    Special notes: the color printer in Jackson's copy room is JAC-COLORONLY
                          the big copier at the District Office is just iR8295
  • R-click on the printer you want to connect to. Select "connect".  If there are any prompts, just say "yes". Then you're done!