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Buses and Stop Locations

Bus Routes and SurveysTop of Page

Please click on your student's school, then click on the bus route that contains the location of where your student is picked up. You will then be directed to the appropriate survey to fill out.

Thank you for your participation!

Bus 11
Tyler Rd @ Alpha Ln
11958 Tyler Rd @ Dairy
Cedar St @ Main St (Napa)
Crittenden St @ Washington St
Main St @ Duncan 
Solar Dr @ DeWitt Ave
Pershing Rd @ Peacock Wy
Pershing Rd @ Manor Ln
22385 Manor Ln
22495 Manor Ln
22555 Sunbright Ave
Bus 12
12055 Highway 99W (Friendly Acres)
22066/22079 Riverside Ave - Vacant Lot
Rawson Rd @ Ohm Rd
Rawson Rd @ Hatfield Rd
Praire View Ct
21750 Sacramento Ave
21678 Sacramento Ave
21610 Sacramento Ave
11354 Rawson Rd
Rawson Rd @ Pimentel Rd
Bus 13
Sherman Ave @ Breese Ave - #41 in PM
Bus 14
Wilcox Rd @ Montana Ct
Wilcox Rd @ Mesa Ct
Wilcox Rd @ Calle Privada
Adobe Rd @ Crestview Dr
RBNW Mailboxes
Via Hermosa @ Via Del Roble
Douglass St @ Johnson St
Oak St (between Johnson St & Lincoln St)
Jefferson St @ Ash St
RB Apts - 111 Sale Ln 
255 Karel Ln
235 Williams Ave
22040 Gilmore Ranch Rd
Cabernet Apts - Gamay Ct
Bus 43
20410 Reeds Creek Rd
20300 Reeds Creek Rd (dirt lot across street)
Alta Vista West
Alta Vista East
19880 Live Oak Rd
Red Bank Rd @ Ames Ct
19860 Red Bank Rd
Gallatin Rd
Red Bank Rd @ King Rd
20001 Red Bank Rd
20269 Live Oak Rd
Live Oak Rd @ Wilder Rd
Wilder Rd @ King Rd
Stewart Rd @ Wilder Rd
Stewart Rd @ Paskenta Rd
11740 Paskenta Rd
11785 Paskenta Rd
12265 Paskenta Rd
Meyer Rd
20960 Lopeman Dr
Michael Dr   BF                                                 
20794 Walnut St @ Westside Grange                  
Moonlight Dr
Ivy Ln
Womack Ave
Walker Way  BF                                                
Bus 50
Highway 36W @ Frontier Dr
Highway 36W (north side) @ Whispering Oaks Dr
Dibble Creek Rd
17705 Highway 36W
Highway 36W @ Green Valley Acres Dr
Highway 36W @ Cramer Rd
Oak Knoll Rd @ Stallion Rd
19035 Highway 36W
Highway 36W @ Chico Ct
Highway 36W @ Nevis Rd
Highway 36W @ Dibble Creek Store
Highway 36W @ Green Dr
19745 Highway 36W
19903 Highway 36W
Kinney Ave @ Warren Ave
20507 Highway 36W
McCoy Rd @ Saddlebrook Dr
McCoy Rd @ Pepper Tree Ln
McCoy Rd @ Quercus Lobata Byway
McCoy Rd @ Hilltop Dr
21075 Highway 36W
Baker Rd @ Dream Way
Baker Rd @ Manter Ct AM only
Plymire Rd (north side) @ Deer Valley Rd
Plymire Rd (south side) @ Drive way E. of Mendenhall Rd
Baker Rd (west side) @ Stoll Rd AM only
Walbridge St (north side) @ Ludlow Ave
David Ave @ Aloha St
Bus 52
165 S Main St/Fish Rd
Walton Dr @ Wernmark Wy
550 Brearcliffe Dr
Mina Ave
Bus 53
Monroe St @ P G & E Station
Monroe St @ Lassen View Ln
Monroe St @ Beverley St
Monroe St @ Robin St
Highland Bluffs Dr @ Terrace Dr
805 Village Dr