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Red Bluff Union Elementary District

Red Bluff Union Elementary District

Family Feedback Center

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We believe your thoughts can make a big difference. We want to hear from parents and guardians like you. Join our simple surveys a few times a year to help make our schools better.

Why Your Opinion Matters:

Your thoughts help us make important decisions about schools. By taking part, you can:
  1. Make Schools Better: Let us know what's good and what needs changing. Your ideas help us use our resources wisely.
  2. Improve School Services: Share what's working well and what needs fixing, like school buildings or services.
  3. Bring Communities Together: By sharing, you help build stronger connections between schools and families.
Our Surveys:

Our Surveys:

Youth Truth
The YouthTruth survey is a chance to share honest and anonymous feedback about your child's school. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.
thought exchange
LCAP Family, Staff & Community Thought Exchange equips leaders with more powerful insights and better outcomes. 
Student's standing in front of a wall with the word kind painted on it.