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Intradistrict Letter

Dear Parents,

This letter outlines the procedures and timelines for requesting Intradistrict transfer requests. You should follow these directions if you live within the Red Bluff Union Elementary School District (RBUESD) boundaries and wish to attend a different school within RBUESD.

First, an Intradistrict Attendance Agreement Request form signed by the principals of both district schools is required, and must be updated annually--this is the term of the agreement. The Intradistrict Attendance Agreement form is available on our website under the ‘Parents’ tab.

The registration period begins on January 1 and runs through May 15 of every year. In January of every year, a letter will be sent to all families who need to renew for the coming school year. For new requests outside this period, please fill out a request form and submit it to the school office of the school your student currently attends. 

Requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis prioritized in the following order: families residing within the school boundaries; long term students; parents who work at the school as their primary place of employment; new students. All decisions regarding requests will be made in an impartial, non arbitrary manner. 

It is important to note that the district is not obligated to provide transportation for students attending schools outside of their school attendance area.

Once you have submitted your completed form to the office of your school of attendance, it will be forwarded to the principal of the school you want to attend for review. Following that, it will be submitted to the RBUESD district office for approval by the superintendent.
The district will notify you when the request has been accepted and both RBUESD school site principals have signed. RBUESD board policy BP 5116.1 contains timelines for granting the request, as well as legal guidelines relating to placement priorities. 

The agreement is good for one school year, and must be renewed annually during the term listed above.

Thank you

Cliff Curry