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District Advisory Committee (DAC) is a group of representatives from each site; ideally a parent and staff member, along with representatives from both bargaining units, who provide input for the LCAP as well as monitor the actions/services
These meetings are open to anyone.
WANTED: Your ideas for ways to increase collaboration time.  Please send ideas to me and/or your site representative or come and share in person.
DAC School Site Members Include:
Wendy Wilson, Jamie Hickok, Lea Goodson, Kimberly Marley - Bidwell
Will Barnett, Hannah Moore, Catherine Piffero, Lorena Gleason, Margo Jessee - Jackson Heights
Jennifer Brockman, Rich Atencio, Julie Kekoa, Paula Rieders, Tessa Chandler - Metteer
Rob Helmbold, Chris Daley, Samantha Thomas, Matt Stinson, Tammy Villarreal - Vista Preparatory
District Members:
Claudia Salvestrin
Suzanne Adkins
Mike Jensen
Jeff Johnson
Anthony Smith, Bidwell
Rachel Bentley, Jackson Heights
Sharon Sherrell, Metteer
Sukh Klein, Vista Preparatory


Agendas                                  Supplemental information          Minutes
February 8, 2018 February 8, 2018 Minutes
March 29, 2018 DAC Agenda
May 10, 2018 DAC Agenda  
January 31, 2019 DAC Agenda Meeting Minutes and Attachments 
February 28, 2019 DAC Agenda Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2019 DAC Agenda Meeting Minutes
 April 11, 2019 DAC Agenda Meeting Minutes