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iPad - Management and Apps

Management of iPads
The district uses Meraki MDM(Mobile Device Management) to manage all RBUESD owned iPads. They are managed similarly to the district owned Chromebooks. All apps requested to be installed on iPads used by students will need to go through the proper process of requesting the app and getting approval. The iPad screen layout is locked. We are open to receive requests for screen layout changes in order make it easier to organize and find apps. It is also possible for a teacher to request via a Help Desk ticket, a custom layout, and to limit the apps that are visible.
App Licensing:
In a school(enterprise) environment, Apple's iTunes app license agreement requires we purchase a license per Device(ie; "Toca..." - $2.99 on 6 devices = $17.94). Many app developers provide a  if we purchase  licenses at a time(ie; "Toca..." - $2.99 on 20 devices = $29.99). .
We can purchase individual licenses for apps at full price. However, I recommend all teachers using iPads discuss by grade level, or department, which apps they would like to use on the iPads. This way the district can take advantage of any available discounts.
How to request apps:
After discussing with your grade level or department. Please designate someone to create a Help Desk ticket with a list of apps being requested, and the total number of iPads needing the app(s). The tech department will then vet the app(s) to make sure they meet requirements, and determine the cost. We will then provide this information to site and district admin for approval, and to determine where the funds will come from. If the app(s) is/are approved, the tech department will arrange for the app(s) to be purchased through the proper channels(Apple Volume Purchasing Program), and push out to the appropriate iPads.