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Google - Student - Passwords

Student Google accounts are automatically created via sync with our Aeries system to Google. We are also using student data fields from Aeries to auto sync the student Google accounts(Names, Passwords, etc.) on a nightly scheduled task. 
For the account to be created, the secretaries need to make sure the "Network Login ID" found under "Student Data >Demographics > Student Data 2", is populated with a random generated password (link below to generate password). For the account to be created instantly, that field needs to be populated before the secretary clicks "Update", otherwise the account will not be created until that evening's scheduled sync with Google. Once the "Student Email" field is populated with the new Google account in Aeries, it is important that field is only used to hold the student's District assigned Googleaccount(""). From here on, please do not change this fields data from anything other than the "" Google account address for the students.
Secretaries: Please use the following instructions for student password changes.
NOTE: Teachers do not have access to add/change the Aeries "Student Email" and "Network Login ID" fields for their students. Teachers will need to come to their site secretaries to make the password change.  
Instructions to use password generator: 
2 - Click first tab at top named "Single Name" Single Name Tab
3 - Click the random button: Randomize
4 - Insert the password shown in Aeries under the student's profile, under Demographics\Student Data 2, in the "Network Login ID" field.
Student data(Names, Passwords, Status, etc.) will sync with Google and update the student Google accounts nightly. The student's new password will be able to be used the following morning. If the matter is urgent and the student needs their password changed right away(before the nightly sync), please create a Help Desk ticket for the Tech Dept, and we will assist.