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Generate Report listing student Emails and Passwords using "Query"

Create "Report" listing student names, Emails, and Passwords:
1) Click "Query"
2) Copy and paste the following query:  LIST STU LN FN SEM NID BY LN into the blank white space at top. This will provide report in format of "Student's Last Name, First Name, Student Email, Network ID(Password), and will list by Last Name".
NOTE: Feel free to rearrange and customize to fit your needs.
Enter Commands
3) Click the "Run" button on the right. A windows with basic list of data will pop up. Confirm this is the data you want. Once confirmed, close that window.
4) Now the "Report" button is available to use.
Click the Report button. A new window with options will show. 
Print query report options
Here you can customize your report. You can add a "Report Title"(ie: 'Student's Email and PW'). You can create a master list for yourself(the teacher). 
To provide your students their passwords while saving paper, I recommend you choose "Double Spacing" and leave the other options default. This will generate the report allowing you to print. I then you should have enough spacing to cut the individual students info and provide it to them. You could also decide to select the "Page Break on Each STU.LN Value" check box, which you could then hand out the full page to each student containing only their info.
For Substitute teachers:
If your site has substitute teachers currently covering a classroom, I recommend the secretaries run the query and create the report for that classroom, to provide to the substitutes.
Secretaries Please use the following query and follow the instructions I am providing below to generate the report for a specific teacher.
Instructions: This will pull up all students assigned to a particular teacher. Please replace the highlighted area with the "Teacher ID" to match the primary teacher's number.
You will need to click "Run" to run the query, and then click the "Report" button to generate and print the report.