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ScreenBeam - Connect and Use

How to Connect laptop to wireless display
1 - At the bottom right of your computer next to the date/time, click the "Message" icon (if touch screen, can swipe from right edge of screen to left), then click the "Connect" button.
Note: If you only see a single row of icons, you may need to click the "Expand" link at the top left of the first icon shown. This will show the other buttons available, including the "Connect" button.
ScreenBeam connect button
2 - Wait a few seconds, and a list of available wireless display devices should appear. The devices should be shown as named with scheme shown in image below ("School Abbreviated"-"Room#"-AT). In the case of the device in image below, it is Bidwell, Room 03's wireless device (ScreenBeam). If this is the first time connecting to this wireless display, you should be asked to type in a PIN. The PIN should show on the large monitor.
The wireless display screen
3 - Once connected, from that same menu screen, you can adjust the way your screen is projected by clicking the "Change projection mode" link. This will provide you with 4 options; "Disconnect", "Duplicate", "Extend", and "Second screen only". By default it is set to "Duplicate", which is what most people are familiar with. I recommend you test using the "Extend" option, since this provides multiple benefits, including being able to continue working on your laptop, while showing something different on the projector/monitor (If you would like further details on how to take advantage of "Extend", please feel free to get assistance from your site tech, or another peer that may be familiar with this. Of course, you can always create a Help Desk ticket for the tech dept. to assist.)
Wireless display options
4 - When you are ready to stop projecting, you can use the same menu to access the "Disconnect" button. It is recommend you use this means to disconnect, rather than just closing your laptop, or shutting down the computer. This way it can go through the proper process to free up the device for next connection.
Disconnect a wireless display