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Scan to Email

At each site, one of the copy machines (the one you can print to) is able to Scan-to-Email. So it can scan a document and email it to you as an attachment. Your email address may or may not already be in the 'address book' of the machine. If not . . .
Add Yourself to The Address Book
1. Select "Scan and Send"
Select scan and send
2. Select "Address Book" so that your entry will remain for the next time. "New Destination" is just a one-time shot. 
Select address book
3. "Register / Edit" to change the address book. If you see your name and correct email here, then you're already done. 
Select register/edit
4. "Register New Destination"  --you are the new destination. 
Select register new destination
5. The new destination type is "E-Mail". 
Select email
6. Enter your name and email address, then OK a couple of times. Now you're in the system. 
    Press the Home key on the upper left of the panel to start from the beginning. 
Enter your name and email address 
  1. Follow steps 1 & 2 above:
         Scan and Send
         Address Book
  2. Click on your name; click OK. 
  3. At the Scan screen you can change any of the settings (file type, resolution, color, etc). 
  4. Put your document in the feeder or on the glass. Hit the Green button!