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Computer FAQ

REBOOT!   No matter what the problem is, STEP 1 is to Shut Down and restart your computer, twice. There's a very good chance this will be your fastest, easiest solution. 
A computer with a keyboard smashed through the monitor.
 Contact Greg or Bryan through your office or Site Tech. We will reset it to a temporary password. 
You won't be able to change it until you have logged in.
  • Once logged press Ctrl-UpArrow simultaneously. This should correct the problem.
  • If not there should be a 'rotate lock' button on the edge of the screen, bottom right. Press that button, then try Ctrl-UpArrow again. 
When your computer will NOT respond to any keyboard or mouse inputs: 
  • If there is critical data that hasn't been saved, contact the Tech Dept. Leave the machine alone. 
  • If there is an error message on the screen, please use your phone to take a photo of the error message, send to Tech Dept. 
  • If you're not worried about unsaved data, try Ctrl-Alt-Del, select "Shut down" (might be the power button icon at bottom right). 
  • If Ctrl-Alt-Del has no effect, then do a Hard Reset: press and hold the computer's power button for 15 seconds or until the screen goes black. Wait 30 seconds. Press power button again to power up. Make note of any error messages. If given options regarding startup, select "Normal" startup. 
Click the Start button. In the  bar type "sleep". One of the options that appears should be "Change when the computer sleeps". Select that and change the settings you you liking. 
For projector problems CLICK HERE.
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