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How To: Excel - Create Spreadsheet from Text file

1 -  Select Data at top menu and Under the "Get External Data" category click "From Text". Then choose the text file that contains the data you want to import.
From text in excel highlighted
2 - Leave the option "Delimited". Review the data and take note of what is separating the data(what should be separated by columns) and click next.
Delimited Option
3 - Choose the appropriate option under "Delimiters". If the data is separated by Tabs or Commas, choose one of those. In this case it is separated by a "Caret"(Shift+6). Notice I chose "Other" and typed the Caret symbol. Once I did that, the preview of the data shown at bottom auto changed showing the columns in place of the Caret symbols. Click next.
Choose a delimiter option
4 - Leave the format of "General". Click finish.
General format
5 - This is why we selected the A1:1 cell at the beginning. It wants to know where to start placing the data. Click ok.
Import data dialog
6 - Confirm the data looks good. There will not be "Headers" unless the text file contained them.
Look at the data
7 - Save the spreadsheet as a "CSV" file type, unless you know the program you are importing this data into takes a different file type. Then choose the appropriate file type to match what you need.
Save as a CSV