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Nutrition Services

Vegetables and Bananas

The student nutrition service in each school provides nourishing, well-balanced meals each day.
All schools use a computerized system for students to pay for meals.
Since the student is required to give their name to the cashier, please have your child practice saying his or her name out loud. The student must also know their classroom number and their teacher’s name. The computer each classroom's photos' with all the children’s names and a corresponding code. Once the cashier "touch's" your child’s name, the account appears on the screen. This process is quick and efficient.

Meal Prices
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  • Milk- $0.50 each

How To Prepay For Meals
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 A check or cash may be sent with your child to the cafeteria. Please place money in a sealed envelope. Or an envelope will be provided for your child at the cafeteria. On the outside of the envelope write the students first and last name and homeroom number.
Make checks payable to your school site name and cafeteria: Bidwell Cafeteria,  Jackson Heights Cafeteria, Metteer Cafeteria, Vista Cafeteria.
A non-sufficient funds fee will be charged for all returned checks, and returned checks will be held until payment is made.
You pay ONLY for extra milks or milk with cold lunches. Activity reports are available upon request from the cafeteria.
Money left in a students account at the end of the year will be available for the students use the following year. Refunds from the student meal account are available with a written parent request. Requests should be given to the cafeteria.

Intra-District TransfersTop of Page

Your student's account may be transferred overnight from any school site within the Red Bluff Union Elementary School District, when advance notification is provided. Please inform the cashier ahead of time for processing your account.
Vista Preparatory Academy students will need to know their student code to input it at breakfast or lunch. They will be sent this number prior to the beginning of each school year. It is extremely important that they do not share this number with fellow students, as it will be charged to their account.